Finding Opportunity In Odd Places

The full time corporate job may have ended, but that does not mean the career has finished. Setbacks are all part of the bigger picture. It is also an opportunity to go back to the “original draft” and review the original goal. I have been using this time to get back to basics and have found wonderful opportunities where I have not expected.

There has been wonderful opportunities to fill in for a couple of different blog websites, review books and software, and other various article editing projects. Along with that, I have been privileged to take on a part time gig for a home improvement company managing the trade show staff. This has been a wonderful chance to aid with the marketing campaign and improve on management of a staff of ten.

The blessing of all of these projects also means that it allows me to work from home and although my work hours are mainly during evenings and nap time, it has allowed me to be at home with my toddler. He has been learning to color alongside of my various computer projects. I have been enjoying this time and it has been a joy working through some of these challenges as I keep seeking for more projects.

Have you had a career setback? Please talk about it in the comments below.

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