I’m just here for the cookie

My wonderful husband surprised me with Chinese food the other night for dinner. It is one of my favorites but not one of his, so it was a nice change. My fortune says “If you do not run your subconscious mind yourself, someone else will.” This verbiage rang true to my soul – in that I wrestle on a regular basis, as many work at home moms do – with taming my mind. I have had a big change the last few years with working from home with a newborn to working back in corporate America only to now be back home working with a toddler. Each lifestyle presents many challenges and sometimes I stop myself from sleeping at night because my brain wrestles with to do lists.

Presently, I am running my own freelance business as well as working as a Thirty One Gifts consultant and working part time a a trade show staff manager for a small home improvement company. Between all of these activities, I am left with a lot of loose ends and if I’m not careful someone could be missed. Not to mention being a work at home mom of a toddler and I’ve been planning for his birthday this week. I can feel pulled in many directions, but eventually I would like to cut back to only one endeavor at a time, but I feel skills from one avenue help me with another so I am learning new skills all the time. 

I find that when I have my to do lists separate between avenues of my life, I get more accomplished. I have created a simple binder with labels and keep all my notes and loose papers for each one in the sections specified. I now carry this binder everywhere and keep notes up to date. It also helps me keep focus on a task at hand when I am only looking at one business at a time. I am able to stay on task and better organized when my mind is allowed to be controlled instead of when I used to look at one huge to do list that covered everything. Keeping more of a schedule of when I work on each business has also allowed me to keep time and my family starts to expect that certain times of the day I am unavailable.

How do you keep your mind from floating? Have you struggled with allowing others to control your mind or schedule? I would love to hear it in the comments below.

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