Reason to have a blog

In the blogging universe, anyone has the ability write about whatever they feel is on their mind. This could be anything from what you had for lunch to a Live Journal your trip to all the national monuments.

There are a few good reasons to have a blog:

1.) Writing in a journal is always a terrific way to get feelings out. It helps free the mind to experience life while also giving the personal chance to evaluate a situation from another angle.

2.) Blogs are a good way to promote a cause you are passionate about and would like to take a stand to change. Posting regularly gives you the opportunity to fight for something you believe in.

3.) Writing regularly can help you feel a part of a community.

However, once your words are out there, they are there. Sometimes it might be hard to take something back if you change your mind down the road. Also, if an author is not able to get readership, it is difficult to feel a part of that community.

What do you blog about?



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