This was an outside project I worked on for a friend of my boss at FLAAR. The author speaks broken English and was very appreciative of my assisting him with this project. I enjoyed reading this document because it gave me a better understanding of other languages that are dying off and how people are keeping them alive.

Yasugi, Yoshiho (1995): Native Middle American languages: an
areal-typological perspective. Osaka.

forcasting cell phone technology

Shuttle Upgrades Magazine

An unpublished magazine article based on my idea of how the shuttle will be upgraded. Note: This article was written long before the latest developments that will retire the shuttle.

6 qualities of an editor This explains what I feel are import qualities that every editor must posses.

Space Tourism-Newspaper Format

An unpublished article based on my observations of the future of space tourism.


This is an unpublished, booklet developed to help give new astronauts a quick overview of what their body will experience in space over the long term.

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